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Aussie Poker Machines The best thing about playing Aussie pokies is that they are familiar and familiar is comfortable. We know the rules, the dollar amounts are show in the Aussie dollar and the general look, feel and language all make you feel right at home. 

A number of years ago there were some Aussie based sites, for example Lassiters which would have been our biggest, however recently all of the site for a number of reasons have been taken off shore and begun targeting international markets. The advantages to running any online gaming site including poker machine games are just to great. 

This is not a bad thing, in fact there are many advantages to be had because of this change. The intention of this article is to dispel some of the doubts some Aussies seem to have about playing pokies off shore, outline the reason why it is the case and the advantages for doing so. 

Why are all the sites now off sure? 

Australia is fairly young country in terms of online gaming in fact we are a young country for gaming altogether. Because of this we are late to the market and the big international players have highly developed and powerful sites running out of the US and the UK. This makes it near impossible to complete. Also the Australian market is very small in comparison to the US and the UK so it was only natural that the Aussie based companies would move onto bigger and better things. 

Another big factor is the sites running costs. Labour and site hosting fees off sure are substantially less. 

Finally and this is a big one, the rule and regulations of off shore gaming a far more lenient. Many advantages can be had by simply running the poker site outside of Australia. Though this is looking to change over the short to mid term the other advantages just make off shore to sweet to pass on. 

What are the disadvantages of not having any locally run online poker machine site? 

The disadvantages are very few, hence why every single company has decided to run them off shore. 

possibly slightly slower Internet speeds, depending on the site. this is minor because online gaming is not very bandwidth intensive so it is hardly even noticed. 

Currency conversion. The need to constantly convert your currency back and forth can get annoying and can also incur additional fees for doing so. Though at the time of writing this all the sites we list display in game funds in Australian dollars, transferring funds all need to be converted. 

Fraud. Having to transfer fund over seas open us up to a much higher probability of being ripped off or scammed. That is one of the main reasons we started this site, all the sites we list here are the largest most reputable sites available online so there is a vastly lower chance you will be caught out. 

What are the advantages of playing poker machines off shore? 

The first and most important advantage is the payout rates. Because other countries have lower running costs and more lenient regulations/taxes the amount you are able win on off shore poker machines is always a lot higher. 

A bigger variation of games to choose from. Off shore sites are generally a lot bigger therefore offering a wider range of games, not online in pokie machines but across all online gaming. There are currently over 1200 different online poker machine games to play world wide, where as there was less than 200 when it was Australia based. 

I hope this article has been helpful and has cleared up any questions you may have had about why it seem impossible to find any Aussie poker machines sites. 

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