Mobile online casinos. How do you play them on Android phone

Being mobile is what today inherent to every modern man and woman. In 2016, the entire number of smartphone users on the planet was 2.5 billion, two years later, it was 2.9 billion, and as of 2020, this number is 3.5 billion (with 4.8 billion of all cell phones active throughout the planet). Do you see the exponential growth? 22% of all mobile users check it out once every few minutes, 51% of us do it several times per hour, and we all, on average, spend 2 hours 51 minutes in it every day. The real time, however, is felt to be higher – as we check mail, social media, watch movies before bedtime, read books, make chats, phone calls, and are involved in a thousand different apps. For those people not having a PC and TV at home, the usage of mobile phones can increase to 4+ hours a day. Every day.

Some more stats for you just to realize how deeply we’re all in mobile phones and tablets: 194 billion apps for mobiles were downloaded last year globally; 12 years old – is the average age of obtaining own smartphone in children; two-thirds of the planet are connected via mobile phones, which have bigger coverage than with PCs/laptops. It is believed that almost every person on the planet will have one phone by 2024, reaching coverage of 7.5 billion smartphones per global population. Today, 45% of all people have a smartphone, and 68% of all people having any mobile device owned (smartwatch, tablet, laptop, and regular cell phones are also added). Today, however, the total number of all movable electronic devices in the world that interconnects people is more than 1 per capita: it is whopping 1.26! Everyone’s covered with connection, even on the poles and in the Sahara Desert.

Do you agree that it would be a large omission if there were no smart phone casino?


Real money casino Android app

There are 1,000+ pieces of best casino app Android that exist today. Every more or less significant online casino, which is legally registered, is allowed to create and launch own app for Android or iOS. A few legal issues should be settled – like the verification of fair play, allowance of gambling apps in the given jurisdiction – but they are solvable for those who play to the rules.

In the Google Play, it is possible to find a download for any taste, for any allowable jurisdiction, coming for free and not, suitable for your language and currency – these include Playnow mobile casino and Maple casino mobile. They are a logical extension of their websites, which are not simply a mobile-optimal view of a webpage, but an entirely different world, with a better quality of graphics, better payouts, lesser wagers, and bigger bonuses. They differ from their ‘regular’ online versions because online casinos’ creators are interested in the bigger mobility of their gamblers – as, through mobile phones, they can play everywhere, at any time of the day and night, spending more money.

A huge boom of online gambling Android apps began in 2017 with more and more jurisdictions allowing online gambling. And we have reliable statistics for many countries of the world, which have already launched mobile gambling apps. For instance, in the UK, over 50% of all online gamblers do it by means of their smartphones.

How to play on the mobile phone

The app you’re downloading is optimized for your screen resolution, the size of fingers, and the powerfulness of the processor of your mobile phone, which today is even greater than on your PC, which you may use for work. That’s why slots and other video-rendering-demanding games work much faster on a mobile phone that anywhere else.

To use all the advantages of the play, download the app, register in it (or enter with your login and password if you are a registered player of this specific casino), and pick the category of games to play. Mind picking the version of gambling: for interest or for real money. Should you have any connection to your bank card on your mobile phone, depositing money from it using the app may be done in a matter of a few clicks. Then start to play, enjoying the HD quality of graphics without bugs and lags. That’s what mobile gambling today is!